why admissions are held back?

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Supporting Documentation

Did you know, one of the single largest reasons why admissions are held back is because of incomplete documentation?

When an applicant sends in documentation to a school they must ensure that the document follows the guidelines set out by that specific school. Why is this important? Because each school has different requirements for documentation. A complete document for one school may not be a complete document for another.

What Does Document Completeness Even Mean?

Document completeness means just that, a document must be complete—as per the directions of the educational institution that the student is applying to. There are a variety of rules that must be followed when filling out paperwork, or submitting forms during the application process. It is extremely important to follow the guidelines set out by the educational institution in order to avoid processing delays, or even a rejection from the school.

What Types of Documentation Must I Include in My Application?

The required documentation depends on the educational institution you are applying for, however please find below a sample of required documentation. Note: this is simply an example and should not be used as a reference for required documentation for your application.

  1. Original transcripts from prior educational institutions
  2. Translation of non-English transcripts by a vetted source
  3. Proof of English proficiency
  4. Copy of Passport
  5. Statement of Purpose
  6. Reference Letters
  7. Financial Documents

How Important is a Statement of Purpose?

A Statement of Purpose is a written personal statement that allows students to exhibit specific skills and accomplishments that make them stand out amongst other applicants. A Statement of Purpose can make or break an application, and submitting an application without a Statement of Purpose may lead to rejection. It’s important to take time when writing the Statement of Purpose, and follow the guidelines and directions set out by the specific school.


Documentation Formatting

  1. Formatting of documentation is extremely important. Everything within the document must be complete, clear, and easy to read (legible).
  2. All sections listed as “required” must be filled out.
  3. If a school requires that a form is type-written and hand-signed, the applicant must follow these instructions. Do not print out the form and fill it out with a pen.
  4. Non-English documents must follow the school’s requirements, which typically includes being translated and vetted legally for processing.

What Do I Do If My Document is Incomplete?

If you submit an incomplete document our Customer Experience Team will not be able to submit your application to the school. Your application will be incomplete until you have submitted all documentation, and filled out each document correctly.

  1. If a student’s documents are incomplete the Customer Experience Team will reject the application. They’ll also leave comments in the Notes section explaining what is required in order to move forward with the application.
  2. Certain submission portals also don’t allow incorrectly completed documents to be uploaded, which will require the application to be reassessed—and ultimately cause delays.
  3. If  students have further questions about the completeness of their documents they can leave mail on their application, and our team will provide assistance.

Incomplete Transcripts

  • Some students are still enrolled in high school or university and are unable to provide full transcripts. If this is the case, providing a letter of enrollment often helps. A letter of enrollment should provide a timeline of when the student is expected to finish their studies. In some cases, when the student is still in school at the time of their application, they may be asked for predicted grades of courses that are yet to be completed. In such cases, until the predicted grades are provided, the transcripts will be considered incomplete.

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