Temporary Activity Subclass Visa 408

The Temporary Activity Visa Subclass 408 is a short-stay visa that allows you to undertake different short-term activities in Australia.


  1. You must hold a private health insurance.
  2. You must meet the requirements of your health and character.
  3. You must have sufficient funds for your support while in Australia.
  4. You should show that you are genuine in the temporary stay in Australia.

Generally, you will need a sponsorship by an approved Temporary Activities Sponsor except if you are in overseas and seeking for the 3 months or less stay in Australia. The application must be supported by an Australian organization or citizen/permanent resident of Australia if you do not require the sponsorship.

Eligibility Streams

You must fall among one of the below eligibility streams to be eligible for a Temporary Activity Visa Subclass 408:

Invited Participants

This option requires you to be invited by an Australian organization or an overseas organization to take part in an event/event series in Australia. This is valid till 3 months.


This option is useful when you are either:

  1. Receiving a training from a team that is operating in the National Level; or
  2. Working as a coach/adjudicator or elite player with a team of Australia, and has an endorsement for the national peak body for the Australia sport

Religious Worker

This option requires you to work for the full-time with a religious organization of Australia.

Domestic Worker

This option requires you to work as a domestic worker for a person who holds either a Temporary Skilled Worker Visa Subclass 457 or the Temporary International Relations Work Visa Subclass 403.

Super-Yacht Crew

This option is available for the super-yacht crews.


This option requires the following two scenarios:

  1. Observation or Participation in a research project with an Australia research/tertiary institution.
  2. Students at the overseas educational institutes associated in research in Australia that is relevant closely to their course.


This option requires an agreement of exchange of staffs between an overseas business and an Australian business.

School Exchange

This option requires a School Language Assistance Program Activity or a school to school exchange.

Special Program

This option requires a special program agreement in effect non-profit organization government agency, or youth exchange.

Australian Government Endorsed Events

This option requires the event to be specified by a legislative instrument like commonwealth games and a class of people to be identified like coaches/competitors. This doesn’t require any sponsorship and visa results of 4 years duration.


This option is for the support staff and the performers. The criteria of this stream depend on whether the performance is of film or TV, is for non-profit purposes, or for the productions for overseas markets.

Place Of Visa Application

You can be either in Australia or outside of Australia while lodging your visa application. You must lodge your visa application online.

Family Members

You can include your family members (Spouses and children) in your visa application.

Duration And Conditions

Temporary Activity Visa Subclass 408 is valid for the stay of 2 years in Australia. You must maintain your health insurance while leaving in Australia. This visa is subjected to the condition 8107 which refuse to allow work apart from the specified activities in the visa application.

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