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Job Interview Tips for Overseas Students

A part-time job alongside studying abroad is an excellent option for overseas students to enhance their experience and support themselves. However, interviews can be nerve-racking, especially if the country you’re studying in has different customs and workplace environments than what you’re familiar to. We’ll go over some very important job interview tips for overseas students down below. These tactics will help you get the confidence you need to get through the interview process and increase your chances of landing a job.

UK Scholarships

UK Visas for International Students

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the top destinations in the world for international students. It’s acclaimed for its excellent academic reputation and quality of life. Approximately 1 in 5 students in the UK are international, and the region has the second-highest number of international students in the world. To study in the UK as an international student, you’re going to need a visa. Here are key things you need to know about UK visas for international students.


The Student Visa Explained in 5 Different Countries

Are you planning to study at a university or college abroad? Applying for your student visa sounds like a scary task—but it doesn’t need to be! From Australia to the US, we’re explaining how to get a student visa in five different countries. Then you’ll know your options when applying to study abroad in your dream destination!

5 best IELTS practice tests for international students

Studying Abroad After 12th for Indian Students

Studying abroad after the 12th for Indian students is increasingly popular nowadays. Studying in a foreign country can be an immensely rewarding experience not only from the global perspective gained but also from the wide array of cultural, language, and employment-related skills that international study can provide. 


Top Universities Abroad Offering Free Online Course for Indian Students

Studying abroad has been a dream for Indian students. However, due to the steep costs of education and living expenses associated with it, not everyone can make this dream a reality. Fortunately, universities across the world are now offering free online courses with certificates for foreign students and especially Indian students, opening up endless possibilities to pursue international studies without having to worry about financial constraints. 

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