Aged Dependent Relative Visa

Aged Dependent Relative Visa option is for older people who are single and are financially dependent on an Australia Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Waiting time for this visa option is long due to the low number of availability of the places.


  1. The applicant must have a relative as an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or an eligible NZ citizen. Here is a list of relatives eligible for Aged Dependent Relative Visa:
    • Children
    • Brothers and Sisters
    • Nieces and Nephews
    • Parent
    • Aunts and Uncles
    • Grandchildren or Grandparents
  2. (Includes half, step-relatives, and adopted relatives)
  3. The sponsor must be 18+ years in age and must be settled in Australia (Living in Australia for at least last 2 years).
  4. The applicant must show their financial dependency on the sponsor for the last 3 years or more.
  5. The applicant must have an age of 65 or more years.
  6. The applicant must not be in marital status at the time of applying for the visa. This may be due to the reasons like divorced, formally separated, or widowed.
  7. Support of assurance is required in all the cases.

Place Of Visa Application

You may be in or outside of Australia while applying for an Aged Dependent Relative Visa.

Duration And Conditions

  1. This visa option results in permanent visa grant with travel facilities and 5 years validity from the grant date of the visa.

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