Australia Australia Extends Post-Study Work Rights for International Students

Australia Extends Post-Study Work Rights for International Students




On September 1, 2022, Australia’s Minister for Education, Jason Clare, announced a post-study work rights extension, allowing qualified international student graduates to stay and work in Australia for an extra two years. This could be life-changing news for anyone studying (or planning to study) in-demand skills in Australia. 

The extension applies to international student graduates in areas of verified skill shortages. Qualifying courses haven’t been announced yet, but will address current sector skill gaps. Relevant areas of study may include accounting, engineering, nursing, and information technology—all popular fields of study for international students.

New Post-Study Work Timelines

International students can already live and work Down Under after graduating thanks to Australia’s Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485), also known as a post-study work visa. 

Now, graduates in areas of verified skill shortages will see these visa durations increase: 

  • From two years to four years (select bachelor’s degrees)
  • From three years to five years (select master’s degrees)
  • From four years to six years (select PhDs)

These two-year extensions give qualifying student graduates more time to work in their field and launch their career. 

The Australian Government is also investing A$36.1 million in visa processing to support higher demand and reduce visa delays. This is a great demonstration of the country’s commitment to its international students.

Why Australia Is the Place to Be

Whether you’re a current international student in Australia, or considering Australia as your study destination, this post-study work visa extension is excellent news. The decision is also being praised by Universities Australia and others in the higher education sector. 

“This clear government support allows Australia to retain its strong position as one of the top three education destinations for international students, and will expedite the sector recovery.”

Post-graduate work access is a key consideration for anyone studying abroad. Having time to gain work experience in your field after graduating is important for your career. Plus, it can open the door to becoming a permanent resident.

Choosing to study abroad Down Under also rewards students with: 

  • A world-class, globally-respected education
  • A high quality of life
  • Access to stunning landscapes and beautiful weather

If you’re planning to study and work in engineering, nursing, technology, or any of the careers included on Australia’s Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List, now’s the time.

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