General Skilled Migration (GSM)

The objective of the Skilled Migration program is to engage highly skilled employable immigrants for migration to Australia. It is the most common form of migration to Australia, and it is one of the core areas of HFE Consultants. HFE has handled applications for all skilled migration subclasses and most skills assessing authorities and we can assist you in navigating the options to reach a successful outcome. There is a wide range of points-tested, family-sponsored and state-sponsored skilled visa sub classes. Choosing the right occupation in which to apply for skills assessment is critical and can affect your points score and eligibility for state-sponsored 

Skilled Visa Sub Classes

There are a variety of skilled migration options:

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

Permanent visa option, the skilled independent does not require sponsorship by a relative or state/ territory government


Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

A permanent visa requiring nomination by an Australian State or Territory government


Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Subclass 491

This is a 5-year provisional visa which requires holders to live, work, and study in regional Australia. You would need to be nominated by an Australian State or Territory government, or sponsored by an eligible Australian relative.


Skilled Regional Subclass 887

The Skilled Regional Subclass 887 visa is the permanent stage of the Skilled Regional Provisional visa. To qualify for a Skilled Regional visa, you must live in the required region of Australia for 2 years and work full time there for 12 months.


Graduate Temporary Subclass 485

The Graduate Temporary visa is a work visa which can be applied for by international students who have completed a qualification taking 2 years of study in Australia.


Recognized Graduate Subclass 476

The Recognized Graduate Subclass 476 visa is an 18-month work visa for the recent engineering graduates.


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