Business Talent Migrant Visa

Business talent Migrant Visa is Permanent Visa that has two streams:

Significant Business History Stream: This stream is for the people who have the interest of ownership in large businesses.

Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream: This option is for the people with the venture capital funding access of at least AUD 1 million.


The Business Talent Migrant Visa is a permanent visa and it grants the status of permanent residence.

Place Of Visa Application

You can be in or outside of Australia at the time of lodge of visa application.

You must hold a Substantive Visa or Bridging Visa A, B, or C if you are lodging your visa application from Australia.

You can only apply for the application online through the SkillSelect System.

State/Territory Nomination

The Business Talent Migration Visa is available to the people who are nominated by an Australian State/Territory government.


Common Criteria for both the streams:

  1. You must have the nomination from an Australian State/Territory government.
  2. You must be invited through the Skill Select System.
  3. You must have a genuine and real commitment to establishing a business or participating in an existing business. You must maintain a substantial ownership interest and must be involved in the day-to-day management of the business.

Significant Business History Stream Criteria

  1. You must be under 55 years of age unless the State/Territory government specifies that your business purpose is for an exceptional economic benefit of Australia.
  2. You must have a minimum of AUD 1.5 million net assets.
  3. You must hold the following for at least 2 years of the last 4 fiscal years:
    • At least AUD 400,000 net assets in the business.
    • 10% ownership of the business if it’s listed publicly.
    • Your business must have an annual turnover of a minimum of AUD 3 million for the 2 years of the last 4 fiscal years.

Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream Criteria

You must have a Venture Capital Funding agreement of a minimum of AUD 1 million through a company in Australia who is an active member of the Australian Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL).

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