Canada Wants STEM Workers

Canada Wants STEM Workers

Canada Wants STEM Workers

In Canada, Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are in high demand and are expected to continue booming. In order to attract STEM workers, the Canadian government recently launched the first-ever Express Entry draw, especially for people with STEM experiences from STEM study programs.

Additionally, Canada’s recently unveiled Tech Talent Strategy contains a number of initiatives that aim to lure proficient STEM workers, including a new “Innovation Stream” that will launch by the end of the year. Therefore, if you are a STEM student who wants to reside and work in Canada, there has never been a better moment to take the plunge.

STEM professionals who are interested in immigrating to Canada permanently may be eligible for category-based selection draws as part of the country’s Express Entry system after working in an eligible field for at least six months. The STEM professions that are eligible for category-based selection cover everything from web design and analysis of databases to architecture, planning for urban areas, and more.

You’re all set to take the next step? Below, we’ve mentioned some top Canadian STEM programs to assist you in getting ready for the next stage of your career!


A career in architecture might be for you if you enjoy fusing your creativity with science to build structures. Working as an architect allows you to showcase your abilities as both an artist and an engineer, whether you want to pursue training to become an ecologically conscious green designer, a business architect, or a house planner. Check out these STEM study programs with built-in work experience.


Civil Engineering and Urban Planning

As cities expand, urban planners and skilled civil engineers are more needed than ever. You’ve chosen the right career path if you’re interested in using cutting-edge technology and developing new environments. The following list of highlighted civil engineering and urban planning programs includes chances for integrated employment opportunities.

Electrical Engineering 

Electrical systems are widely used today, from smart phones to renewable energy grids. By enrolling in an electrical engineering program, such as one of the ones below, you can start your journey toward innovation and the development of new electric solutions.

Industrial Engineering 

Production process efficiency is a specialty of industrial engineers. This simply implies that they excel in making things simpler for others to use. If you’re interested in it, look at industrial engineering programs with co-op options.

Science and Mathematics

Data Science and Mathematics

Data science is essential to understanding patterns and hidden insights and may be used in almost any sector. Studying data science is an excellent choice if you enjoy figuring out puzzles and finding practical solutions. Here are several STEM study programs with built-in employment chances.

Natural and Applied Science Research

You’re in luck if you prefer to engage in scientific exploration and discoveries. On the STEM list, demand is also high for your chosen field. After completing one of these natural and applied science programs, you’ll be in a good position to use scientific discovery to generate real-world advancements.

Computer Science 

Computer Systems and Cyber Security

Have a strong interest in technology? If so, go no further than these software programs and computer systems. The world needs specialists to help protect the data in its systems as technology develops rapidly. The following list includes several cyber security and computer systems programs with co-op possibilities in Canada:

Software Development and Programming

Most industries provide opportunities in software development and programming, and these professionals are essential to many contemporary businesses. Consider some Canadian software programming and development programs listed below.

Web Design and Development

Do you have general knowledge of web-based systems, computers, and a creative side? If so, you might be a fantastic fit for one of these web design and development courses.

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