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Top Universities Abroad Offering Free Online Course for Indian Students 1

Top Universities Abroad Offering Free Online Course for Indian Students 1

Yes, Top universities abroad offering free online course for Indian students. Studying abroad has been a dream for Indian students. However, due to the steep costs of education and living expenses associated with it, not everyone can make this dream a reality. Fortunately, universities across the world are now offering free online courses with certificates for foreign students and especially Indian students, opening up endless possibilities to pursue international studies without having to worry about financial constraints. 

These free and accessible courses come with the same quality of education guaranteed by the institution. With such incentives in place and top universities involved, studying abroad has never been easier or more affordable.

Top Universities Abroad Offering Free Online Course for Indian Students

  • Shakespeare’s Life and Work,” a four-week course that teaches students how to read and understand the plays of William Shakespeare, while also covering Elizabethan and Jacobean history and modern performance.
  • Justice,” a 12-week introduction to moral and political philosophies that critically analyze classical and contemporary theories through texts by philosophers such as Aristotle, John Locke, Immanuel Kant, Jon Stuart Mill, and John Rawls.
  • The Health Effects of Climate Change,” a seven-week course that investigates the impact of global warming on human health and ways to reduce its effects.
  • Better Business Writing in English,” which helps students develop a personal voice in their writing and practice their skills in different types of business communications.
  • Introduction to Electronics,” which covers the basic components of electronics such as diodes, transistors, and op-amps, is perfect for those interested in electrical engineering.
  • Games without Chance: Combinational Game Theory,” a beginner’s guide to combinational game theory that covers the mathematical theory and analysis of simple games without chance moves.
  • Data Analytics in Business,” a course that helps students understand data and business analytics, and then apply these concepts to real-world business datasets.
  • Innovation Leadership,” a six-week course that teaches students the essential skills needed to become an innovation leader, including how to drive growth and develop a strategic vision.
  • Supply Chain Principles,” a 15-hour course that provides an introduction to the extended supply chain and helps students understand the various career paths available in this field.
  • An Introduction to Probability,” a two-part course taught in French that covers the basics of probability and its real-world applications.
  • How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper,” a course designed for students with prior academic research experience and taught in English, which teaches students how to accurately write and publish a scientific paper in four weeks.
  • From Particles to Stars,” a ten-week course taught in French that covers the formation and evolution of the universe, as well as its components.
  • Become a Journalist: Report the News,” a course that covers journalism’s impact on social issues, ethical standards for newsgathering processes, and best practices for aspiring journalists. This course takes approximately six months to complete.
  • Write a Feature-Length Screenplay for Film or Television,” a 20-week course that teaches students how to write a complete, feature-length screenplay for film or television through a structured process.
  • Art for Games Specialization,” a beginner-friendly course that teaches the essentials of 2D and 3D game art production for six months.

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  • Graphic Design Specialization,” a six-month course that teaches fundamental skills in graphic design and includes a project that can be used for a professional portfolio.
  • Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop,” a ten-hour course that teaches key poetic terms and devices through the study of modern and contemporary poems, and provides an opportunity for students to write and receive feedback on their own poems.
  • The Language of Design: Form and Meaning,” an eight-hour course for beginners that involves critiquing the effectiveness of a work of graphic design through objective analysis.
  • Introduction to Fintech,” a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that covers the innovations, technology, and regulation driving the transformation of finance in Asia, beginning on May 15 and taught by leading experts.
  • Making Sense of News,” a six-week course that develops critical thinking skills to help students identify reliable information in news reports and become better informed.
  • State, Law and the Economy,” a course that teaches essential economic concepts relevant to the study of political economy.

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  • Anthropology of Social Media: Why We Post,” a five-week course that examines the consequences of social media and takes a comparative and anthropological approach to social media use around the world.
  • Citizen Science and Scientific Crowdsourcing: An Introduction,” a course run by UCL’s Department of Geography that provides a basic understanding of citizen science and introduces students to the academic literature in this field.
  • Culture, Health, and Wellbeing: An Introduction,” a course that helps students develop, deliver, and evaluate health and wellbeing work within a museum, arts, heritage, or cultural organization. This course is a great introduction for those looking to work in this sector.
  • Number theory I,” a graduate-level course that covers a range of topics in algebraic and analytic number theory.
  • Microeconomic Theory and Public Policy,” a course that uses microeconomic theory to analyze public policy and provides an introduction to economics, allowing students to take the course at their own pace.
  • Making Books: The Renaissance and Today,” a course that explores the impact of new technology on the recording and distribution of words and images during the invention of the printing press in 1450, the adoption of electricity to communication technology in the 19th century, and digital media today.

Best Free Online Computer Science Courses

Looking to improve your computer science skills, but don’t have the budget for a full-fledged degree or certification program? No problem! Many top-rated universities offer free online computer science courses for individuals looking to learn at their own pace. Below is a list of the best free online computer science courses available:

  • CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science” by Harvard University via edX
  • “Introduction to Computer Science and Programming” by Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Computer Science 101” by Stanford University via edX
  • Computer Science: Programming with a Purpose” by Princeton University via Coursera
  • Accelerated Computer Science Fundamentals Specialization” University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign via Coursera
  • Intro to Theoretical Computer Science” offered by Udacity
  • “Mathematical Thinking in Computer Science” by University of California San Diego via Coursera
  • CS50’s Computer Science For Business Professionals” by Harvard University via Edx
  • Foundations of Computer Science: Theory and Practice” by SE Factory via Udemy
  • Computer Science 101: Master the Theory Behind Programming” offered by Skillshare

Best Cybersecurity Courses Online Free

Cybersecurity is an increasingly important field as the world becomes more reliant on technology and the internet. If you’re looking to improve your knowledge and skills in this area, but don’t have the budget for a full-fledged degree or certification program, don’t worry!

Some many top-rated universities and platforms offer free online cybersecurity courses for individuals looking to learn at their own pace. Below is a list of the best free online cybersecurity courses available:

    1. Introduction to IT and Cybersecurity” offered by Cybrary IT
    2. Mobile App Security” offered by Cybrary IT
    3. Introduction to Cybersecurity” by the University of Washington via edX
    4. Building a Cybersecurity Toolkit” by the University of Washington via edX
    5. Introduction to Cybersecurity for Business” by the University of Colorado via edX
    6. Computer Systems Security” by Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    7. Fundamentals of Cybersecurity” offered by SANS Cyber Aces Online
    8. Cybersecurity for Beginners” offered by Heimdal Security
    9. 100W Cybersecurity Practices for Industrial Control Systems” offered by the US Department of Homeland Security
    10. Cybersecurity Training” offered by Open Security Training

There are many top study-abroad universities that offer free online courses for Indian students. These best free online courses cover a wide range of subjects and are formulated by experienced professors from some of the best universities in the world.

By taking advantage of these best free online courses, Indian students have the opportunity to receive a high-quality education and gain valuable knowledge and skills without the financial burden of tuition fees. Whether you’re looking to learn a new language, improve your computer skills, or gain insight into a particular subject, there is a free online course that can help you achieve your goals.

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